Unleash your creativity with iMoticon, the best emoticon app in the App Store! Use emoticons to express your feelings, spice up boring lectures, and communicate with your friends across the room! There are endless possibilities!

iMoticon lets you display huge emoticons on your iPhone or iPod Touch. There is a large selection of over 250 common and funny emoticons that you can choose from. You can also switch between random emoticons by shaking your device. You have the opportunity to fully customize the emoticons’ appearances by changing both the text color and background color. Choose to browse from all emoticons or just the most common ones.

What to use it for
• Express your mood or attitude by showing an emoticon to someone
• Use in boring meetings or classes
• Break the tension during awkward silences
• Display your anger to your boss when he/she fires you
• Use as a kinder alternative to flipping someone off
• Make someone laugh
• Rate or judge something
• Communicate with a friend
• Learn new emoticons
• Quiz your friends on their knowledge of emoticons
• And tons more!
This app was created by a 14-year-old teen named Drew. Be sure try out his other app, the game X-Ball.

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List of Emoticons

:-)	I am smiling in a classic way
:P	I am sticking out my tongue 
:^P	I am sticking out tongue, and I have a nose 
B^P	I am sticking out tongue, and I have sunglasses
:{	I am having a hard time 
;-)	Winking at you 
;(	I am crying 
:-D	I am laughing happily 
@}->--	Rose for you (to show affection) 
|^o	I am snoring 
>:-(	I am annoyed 
C):-)	I am a cowboy
C=:-)	I am a chef 
o{-<]:	I am skateboarder 
:( )	I have a big mouth.
*<:-)	I am wearing a Santa Claus Hat. 
:-[	I am a vampire. 
:-o	Uh oh! 
|-)	Hee hee! 
%-)	I am brain dead right now. 
:-|| 	I am seriously angry.
><((((o> Fish 
>^..^< 	Cat 
(='.'=) Fat Cat 
(_)> 	Want to have some coffee?
8-O 	Omigod!!
:{} 	I have big lips and I want to kiss you
>;->	I am winking in a devilish way, because I just made a lewd or suggestive remark.
<:3)~~~~ Mouse 
____/\___\o/___ Shark 
:©)	Piggy 
(B^| 	Secret agent
(8<| 	Darth Vader
=^-.-^= Kitten, version 1
^..^ 	Kitten, version 2
©¿© 	Horizontal face (use Alt keystroke plus 0169, 0191, 0169)
ö¿ö 	Horizontal face 2 (use Alt + 148, 168, 148) 
[{--Crayon--]}> crayon (especially effective when typed in different font colors) 
<;;;;;;;;;;;|===0 Sword 
****:-) Marge Simpson
*<:-)>  Santa Claus
-:( 	Punk rocker with a Mohawk
@>--->---- Rose, version 1
--<--@ 	Rose, version 2
12x--<--@ A dozen roses
:-[x> 	Count Dracula
B-] 	Batman
C):-) 	Cowboy
O>-	Snowboarder 
o{-<]: 	Skater Dude 
==):-)= Abraham Lincoln 
:+( 	Scared
<:-O 	Eeek!; Eeek! Just saw a mouse
B*) 	Sunglasses smile
: ) 	Regular smile
:^) 	Regular smile with a nose
: ( 	Unhappy, frown
: ^( 	Unhappy, frown with a nose
:-P 	Sticking out tongue 
:-p 	Sticking tongue out, version 2 
:-p~ 	Heavy smoker 
:-Q 	Tongue hanging out in disgust, or a smoker 
:-Q~ 	Smoking 
:-r 	Sticking tongue out, version 3 
:-s 	What?! 
:-t 	Unsmiley 
:-V 	Shouting 
:~-( 	Crying 
:~/ 	Confused 
; ) 	Wink 
; P 	Wink with a raspberry 
O8-) 	Starry-eyed angel 
O:-) 	Angel 
Q:-) 	College graduate 
:X 	Hear no evil 
:x 	Kiss 
:\' 	Crying 
:\'( 	Crying 
:\'-( 	Crying 
:\'-) 	Tears of happiness 
:^D 	Happy, approving 
:`-( 	Shedding a tear 
:{ 	Having a hard time 
:~) 	A cold 
;( 	Crying 
;-( 	Angry, or got a black eye 
;-) 	Winkey 
;-D 	Winking and laughing 
= O 	Surprised 
= X 	My lips are sealed 
:-X 	My lips are sealed; or a kiss 
:-x 	Kiss, or My lips are sealed 
:-Y 	Aside comment 
:-[ 	Unsmiling blockhead; also criticism 
:-\'| 	Sniffles 
:-] 	Smiling blockhead; also sarcasm 
:-{) 	Smile with moustache 
:-{)} 	Smile with moustache and beard 
:-{} 	Blowing a kiss 
:-| 	Indifferent, bored or disgusted 
:-| :-| Deja vu 
:-|| 	Very angry 
:-} 	Mischievous smile 
:-~) 	A cold 
:-~| 	A cold 
:.( 	Crying 
:/) 	Not funny 
:/i 	No smoking 
:> 	What? 
:@ 	What? 
:C 	Astonished 
:e 	Disappointed 
:P 	Sticking out tongue 
=):-)= 	Abraham Lincoln 
=:-) 	Punk, or hosehead 
=====:} Snake 
=^* 	Kisses 
=^D 	Big grin 
?( 	Black eye 
?-( 	Black eye 
@>--->--- A long-stemmed rose 
@}->-- 	Rose 
B:-) 	Sunglasses on head 
d :-o 	Hats off to you! 
M-) 	See no evil 
M-), :X, :-MSee no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil 
M:-) 	A salute 
O 8-) 	Starry-eyed angel 
O :-) 	Angel 
X-( 	Just died 
[:-) 	Wearing a Walkman 
[:-] 	Square head 
[:-| 	Frankenstein 
[:] 	Robot 
[:| 	Frankenstein 
[:|] 	Robot 
\') 	Winky 
\'-) 	Winky 
\_/ 	Empty glass 
\~/ 	Full glass 	
]:-> 	Devil 
]:-) 	Happy devil 
^ ^ ^ 	Giggles 
:p~~ 	I'm drooling 
:-O	Open-mouthed, surprised
:-o	Surprised look, or yawn
%) 	Cross-eyed; Artistic face; Picasso
%+{ 	Lost a fight
%+| 	Beaten up
%-( 	Glasses broken; Sad confused; Practical joker who got beat up
%-() 	Monkey face
%-(I) 	Laughing out loud
%-(|) 	Laughing out loud
%-)	Stared too long at monitor; Confused; Cross-eyed;
%-{ 	Sad; Not amused
%-| 	Been working all night
%-} 	Amused
^5 	High five 
`:-) 	Raised eyebrow 
{} 	No comment 
|( 	Sleepy (on late night email message) 
|-<> 	Puckered up for a kiss 
|-( 	Sleepy, struggling to stay awake, or sleeping badly 
|-D 	Big laugh 
|-O 	Yawn 
|-{ 	Good grief! 
|-| 	Asleep 
|I 	Asleep 
|^o 	Snoring 
}-) 	Wry smile 
}: [ 	Angry, frustrated 
}{ 	Face to face 
~ :-( 	Steaming mad 
~:-( 	Flame message 
~:o 	Baby 
~= 	Lit candle, indicating a flame (inflammatory message) 
~== 	Begins a flame (inflammatory message) 
~~:-( 	Especially hot flame message 
~~:[ 	Net flame 
~~~~8} 	Snake 
!-(	Black eye
!-)	Proud of black eye
#:-o	Shocked
$-)	Won the lottery, or money on the brain
%(|:-)	Propeller-head
:-,	Smirk
:-/	Wry face
:-6	Exhausted
:-9	Licking lips
:-?	Licking lips, or tongue in cheek
:-@	Screaming
:-C	Astonished
:-c	Very unhappy
:-D	Laughing
:-e	Disappointed
:-f	Sticking out tongue
:-I	Pondering, or impartial
:-i	Wry smile or half-smile
:-J	Tongue in cheek
:-j	One-sided smile
:-k	Puzzlement
:-l	One-sided smile
:-M	Speak no evil
%-(	Confused
%-)	Dazed or silly
%-{	Ironic
%-|	Worked all night
%-}	Humorous or ironic
>>:-<<	Furious	
>-<	Furious
>-)	Devilish wink
>:)	Little devil
>:->	Very mischievous devil
>:-<	Angry
>:-<	Mad
>:-(	Annoyed
>:-)	Mischievous devil
>=^ P	Yuck				
<:-(	Dunce
<:-)	Innocently asking dumb question
<:-|	Dunce
<:|	Dunce
( 8(|)	Homer			
(( )):**Hugs and kisses
((()))	Lots of hugging
()	Hugging
(-:	Left-handed smile, or smiley from the southern hemisphere
(:&	Angry
(:-	Unsmiley
(:-&	Angry
(:-(	Unsmiley
(:-)	Smiley variation
(:-*	Kiss
(:-\	Very sad
(::()::)Bandaid, meaning comfort
(:|	Egghead
*	Kiss
*<:-)	Santa Claus
*<|:-)	Santa Claus, or a clown
-)	Tongue in cheek
-=#:-)	Wizard
/\/\/\	Laughter
0:-)	Angel
12x@>--->---A dozen roses
8	Infinity
8 :-)	Wizard
8)	Wide-eyed, or wearing glasses
8-)	Wide-eyed, or wearing glasses
8-o	Shocked
8-O	Astonished
8-P	Yuck!
8-[	Frayed nerves; overwrought
8-]	Wow!
8-|	Wide-eyed surprise
: (	Sad
: )	Smile
: [	Bored, sad
: |	Bored, sad
:( )	Loudmouth, talks all the time; or shouting
:*	Kiss
:*)	Clowning
:**:	Returning kiss
:+(	Got punched in the nose
:,(	Crying
:-#	My lips are sealed; or someone wearing braces
:-&	Tongue-tied
:->	Smile of happiness or sarcasm
:-><	Puckered up to kiss
:-<	Very sad
:-(	Frown
:-)	Classic smiley
:-*	Kiss