Pocket Game of life

John Conway’s famous Game of Life has come to your iPhone! Whether or not you’re already familiar with this simulation, you’ll love this app!

What is the Game of Life? The simulation demonstrates the evolution of cells in a grid. Each cell can either be turned on or off. Following just a few simple rules, the game creates some beautiful patterns that will thoroughly amaze you.

What do you do with it? You can either just watch the beauty of the patterns that are formed or fully customize the game to try to discover your own interesting patterns. For fun, see if you can create patterns that oscillate (such as blinkers) or ones that move in a specific direction (such as gliders).

This version of the classic game brings you a clean and simple interface with lots of features to choose from.

  • Play and pause the simulation
  • Clear the grid
  • Change speed of the simulation
  • Allow wrapping at edges (creating an infinite grid)
  • Configure the rules manually, with 1,296 different combinations
  • Reset the rules to the Conway’s original ones
  • Learn from included instructions and rules

Why get this app?
This version of the Game of Life is one of the very few on the App Store that lets you fully customize the rules of the game. It also is easy to use and does not have a steep learning curve.

Download the app now to start playing the Game of Life.